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The Authentic Millennial

Omar Ace Turner

Host Dj Ace is also a philosopher, music producer, and writer. As Seen on Amazon's Nore Davis You Guys Are Dope. Ace was the Dj of choice at The Brooklyn Art Gallery during the 2018 New York Comedy Festival. In 2020 Ace was selected to Host and Dj for Nore Davis's critically acclaimed Live From The Comedy Trap House Album Recording. Dj Ace extends THE AUTHENTIC MILLENNIAL PODCAST platform to his friends who are entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, and entertainers from around the world to share their stories and experiences. Dj Ace uses love, laughter, and life lessons to help listeners find that creative spark, to live a life on their terms. #authentic #millennials #writer #dj #actor #podcaster #creator #entreprenuer #comedy #spiritual #consultan #life coach

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